The J.V. Jones \ Bodger & Grift Screen Saver (v1.0)


Many thanks for downloading this software. We hope you enjoy it!


System requirements:


Windows 95\98

Pentium (tm) 133 or higher CPU


Graphics adapter capable of 16bit color



Pentium II (tm)

64 MB Ram

24/32bit graphics adapter

16bit sound card


This software was designed to run, and looks best, at a screen

resolution of 800x600 in 24\32bit color. If things seem a bit sluggish

on your machine, switch to 16bit or a lower resolution.




Once unzipped, the JVJBGSS.ZIP file should contain the following:


README.TXT (this file)

J V Jones Screen Saver.SCR (screen saver file)


There are two ways to actually install the screen saver from within

Windows. Either click on the J V Jones Screen Saver.SCR file with

the right mouse button and select the Install option from the pop-up

menu. Alternatively, drag the file from where you unzipped it and place

it in your WINDOWS directory (recommended). Once installation is

complete the screen saver will be available for selection from

Display Properties.


To uninstall, simply delete the J V Jones Screen Saver.SCR file.

There are no other files associated with the screen saver and

none are created.




The six short pieces of music are as follows:


Intro Theme


J.V's Theme

B&G's Harpsi

After 12

Variation On Holst's Mars (Planets Suite)


Known Issues:


If the screen saver is run\activated after screen settings (resolution

or color depth) are changed on the fly (without restarting) it can

become sluggish and run slowly. We're looking into this problem, but

it is primarily a limitation of the development software used to create

the project.




Comments, suggestions: J.V. Jones <julie@jvj.com>

Bug reports, complaints: Paul F. Jones <pj@xiga.freeserve.co.uk>




The J.V. Jones \ Bodger & Grift Screen Saver is freeware. You're free to

distribute this software to your friends (or your...err, enemies).

However, all intellectual property within is protected under copyright.


Copyright (c) 1999 J.V. Jones & Paul F. Jones. All rights reserved.




Design: Paul F. Jones, with text and miscellaneous assistance by J.V. Jones.

Graphics, code, music: Paul F. Jones.


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