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JV Writer Returns
I want to let you know Iím writing again. I know you have questions about where Iíve been and what Iíve been doing these past couple of years. Iím answering those questions over at my patreon page. Please stop by and take a look.

You donít have to join to read most of my blog posts. Youíll find all sorts of nonsense, photos and information for free.

Itís been a long journey back to writing for me. Thereís been some tough years, and Iím ready to get back to what I do best and love the most. I read everyoneís email during this time, and although you may not know it your emails sustained me.

Thank you for your encouragement and support, JV
A Cavern Of Black Ice A Fortress Of Grey Ice
Cavern joins Fortress in Tor's catalog
"a long, involved, exciting, horrifying, gripping, unputdownable book" says Denise Ball about A Cavern of Black
The Barbed Coil
Manuscripts and mayhem
"The best fantasy novel of the year. A superb novel, sculpted from colorful vocabulary and fantastic clarity by a brilliant story teller sure to continue her dazzling career...Read it or regret it later...a triumph." -SFXclick